Why Recycle ?

It’s good for the environment

Recycling metal means that there is less pressure on extracting precious natural resources which are required to make new metal compounds.

Nearly all recycled metals can be made in to high quality new metal.

EU figures indicate that using recycled raw materials, including metals, cuts CO2 emissions by some 200 million tonnes every year.

Good for the economy

Metals recycling is a major global industry and despite an economic slowdown and an overall decline in the UK steel industry, manufacturing of metals continues contribute significant value to the UK economy.  As the national demand slows, our export markets are growing.

Last year, 10 million tonnes of ferrous and non-ferrous metals were recycled in the UK.  As the UK produces considerably more scrap than is required for its domestic market, 90 percent was exported worldwide. In fact, the UK is one of the five largest metal scrap exporting countries in the world.

Good for you

Not only are you helping to preserve earths precious resources and its environment but you are also helping to support the UK economy as a whole.

At C.B.C Metals we are constantly monitoring the global metal markets and are fully committed to providing you with the best possible price for your scrap metal and helping to support your business no matter how small or large.